No Win No Fee Service Charge Arrears Debt Recovery (10.01.2017)

Evolve Block & Estate Management received a very welcome present over the festive period, which means we can now offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ debt recovery service for outstanding service charges!

The most stressful time as a Director or block manager can be when arrears are racking up, but the budget can’t take a hit on solicitors costs and with the uncertainty over recovery timescales and a rapidly draining service charge, it can all get too much. Although in the end most of the time the funds are recovered including legal costs, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes you have to pay the legal costs up front before recovery & often you find legal costs are not paid or recovered.

Well no longer! Instruct Evolve Block & Estate Management and if service charge arrears become an issue, we will do our best to resolve in-house, but failing that it will be sent to our specialist debt recovery teams and there will be NO COST to the service charge funds or other leaseholders in pursuing the case, regardless of the outcome!

If we can help take the stress away from the management of your estate/block, please Contact Us today!



Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more details!