Changing Managing Agents (19.09.2016)

Changing Managing Agents

One of the main reasons we are given by clients who are afraid to change managing agents is:

  1. Worried about being tied into a contract and unable to change.
  2. Any penalties for moving agents.
  3. Proper transfer of the files/documents.
  4. Concerns that new agents may not understand the estate.
  5. Worry that additional costs may be incurred.

This is the top 5 however there are many more, however most of these boil down to the question, “Although my current agents aren’t very good, are they bad enough to cause upheaval and move agents?” My answer is yes, always a solid yes.

If you’re thinking about changing managing agents to ourselves, please call us and ask to speak to our senior Benjamin Hume who will be happy to meet with you and go through your current contract. Together we can draft a plan of when you should give notice, how and to whom and then create a timescale of transfer, including documents and funds so that you are fully aware of what we are doing and how.

Transferring to us because you are unhappy with your current agents is much simpler than you might think and doesn’t cost you any setup fee’s or other hidden costs, we will undertake all of the work and confirm once completed.

Get in touch today 01202 800 456 and see how we can take the hassle of out block management.