Coronavirus – Special Update Page (7th April 2020)

Coronavirus Updates

In order to ensure our clients, freeholders, leaseholders, tenants and visitors can be kept up-to-date, we have created a special page on our website which is accessible from the front page and page menu. HERE.

As updates come in where we need to advise, reassure or instruct, they will be updated here. Please make sure you check back frequently to ensure you are kept updated.

Site visits & resident/client meetings have sadly had to be cancelled for the moment to ensure people are not put at risk, but we have access to video conferencing facilities on request and our contractors have been advised to report any issues at sites to us so that we can respond accordingly.

All staff remain working full time, with some colleagues working remotely, but we are all able to answer the phones as normal and respond to emails/maintenance as normal. We are aiming to ensure there is NO interuption to the management of our blocks & estates.

The Evolve Team