Leaks (05.12.2016)

Leaks From Flats Into Other Flats/Communal Areas

We’ve had a few leaks reported from flats in various blocks over the weekend with some confusion on who should do what. So we thought it would be a good idea to explain how it works from a liability for repairs perspective.

If you cause a leak from YOUR flat into one below or communal areas, for example a shower/bath waste splits or washing machine hose comes off, the costs for repairing the leak and the resultant damage is usually covered by the offending flat (whether intentional or not) and the leaseholder for that flat would need to arrange the neccessary repairs and liaise with the flat owner below. We would normally put the two parties in contact and leave them to it to complete it. We would then only get involved if the offending party has not taken any steps to repair the damage or is disputing liability.

Sometimes if leaks are serious enough we may send our own contractors out to contain the problem, or where they occur in communal areas. If that happens, we would work with the leaseholder who caused the damage to rectify it in due course.

You’re probably all thinking, doesn’t the buildings insurance cover this sort of thing? It certainly does but making claims for every leak however minor will cost you all more in the long run as there are several things to remember when considering the claim:

  1. The excess on the policy for escape of water is usually between £100 & £250 (higher if there is a history of this at the block) so if the damage is very minor, the chances are the payout would be below or around the excess, so you would not get much if anything.
  2. Every time a claim is made, your claims history is building up and this will effect your premium on renewal, which you all pay towards, so we consider whether it is the right thing to do for all leaseholders in the block.
  3. The insurance policy does NOT cover the actual repair itself, that is down to the flat owner in question, they only cover the damage resulting from the issue.

Of course we are not advising against making any claims, after all, you pay into his policy, we’re just advising you of some of the considerations we go through before deciding whether a claim is in the best interests for the issue at hand.

If you have any questions or want to have a chat about your policy, premiums, excesses or anything else insurance related, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!