New Out Of Hours Provider (24.01.2019)

New Out Of Hours Provider

Notion Services

Due to continued expansion, we have felt it was necessary to employ the services of a dedicated Out of Hours service, rather than contacting Evolve to report it and for us to select the appropriate contractor, we have teamed up with Notion Services, based in Winchester but cover the exact same geographic areas that we have our blocks in, so there is nowhere they cannot attend. Notion employ key staff and services in-house, whether it is a drainage emergency, electrical emergency or plumbing emergency, they will be able to handle any emergency situation.

It is worth noting that they can only undertake freeholder’s/management company’s covenanted responsibilities, i.e. if we were ordinarily not responsible for the repair, Notion would not attend. If you are unsure, speak to them when you report the emergency and be as descriptive as possible. Notion will also only make the situation safe, they will not undertake a full repair, unless fairly straight forward, otherwise they will return during working hours to complete the work.

Please do Contact Us if you have any questions,