Parking Enforcement (04.04.2017)

Parking Enforcement

Firstly and most importantly, where we have to bring in parking enforcement on our sites, please ensure you are aware of the rules, have valid permits and park accordingly.
Did you know that parking management agencies are only brought in where previous abuses have required enforcement to be brought in for the protection of our residents and leaseholders. If you’ve not received your permit at one our sites where it is required, please contact us on 01202 800456. The parking enforcement is not a money making exercise, in fact if everyone parks correctly, no tickets should be issued to any resident or leaseholder, the purpose is a deterrent to those trying to park without authority in your spaces and grounds.
If your block or estate has a problem with parking abuses and your current agents are doing nothing to resolve it, please get in touch or visit HERE. Our parking enforcement teams do twice-daily sweeps of our sites and for Directors and leaseholders on site, you can even issue tickets via a mobile app to ensure complete coverage 24/7 as its frustrating for a parking breach to be visible but no warden at that exact moment in time.
For an interesting article which illustrates what can happen for repeat offenders, click HERE to go to the BBC news website article.