Security Keys (11.08.2017)

Security Keys

Most of our  blocks have them and some blocks are in the process of having secure locks fitted to communal doors, but what is a security key and why are they important?

A security key is a like a normal key for a lock but cannot be copied except at a single nominated source, and usually by permission of the holder, in this case the managing agents (us!). This means that no unauthorised copies of keys are in circulation, which prevents ex-tenants or other unauthorised access into your property. This cuts down risks of theft and damage.

There are also benefits in terms of replacements as well as further keys can be ordered simply and easily via ourselves and collected or posted out from the locksmiths to you (for a small cost of postage). Security keys cost no more than an ordinary key but be careful not to lose them. We use a company called Telco Locksmiths in Bournemouth for our security key systems, but please do not contact them for further keys until you have spoken to us first.

As a leaseholder it is important also to ensure your letting agents are aware of the process to order further keys and to ensure previous tenants return the keys as  we will not authorise further keys because previous tenants have not returned them unless there is a reasonable explanation as we have a duty to the other residents to ensure the circulation of keys is monitored.

If your block could do with this upgrade or you are already a customer or client of ours and have a question about security keys, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!