Legionella Risk Assessments For Landlords (06.02.2017)

Legionella Risk Assessments For Landlords

We often get asked by leaseholders and residents about Legionella risk assessments, i.e. does a private landlord need to have one carried out? The answer is yes!

Although Evolve will take care of the communal responsibilities, any landlord who rents out their property for a term less than 7 years must have a risk assessment carried out on the demised property pipework and systems.

Before you start googling local risk assessment firms and getting prices, the risk assessment can be carried out by the landlord, as long as they are a competent person and if they feel they are able to assess the risk based on their knowledge of the property.

Most landlords carry out this risk assessment without even realising, i.e. making sure water tanks have lids, etc. but the HSE have provided really useful guidance to landlords on what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Our advice is that if you feel uncertain, get a professional in to take a look and provide a report. We work with many local water service engineers so if you need advice, we can put you in touch with them.


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