Magazine Guest Editor

Our MD & the wider Evolve Block & Estate Management team & key suppliers to our firm were invited to create a special property management feature for our national industry magazine News On The Block and edit the issue. This is a huge accolade for our team, cementing us as a key industry organisation with our content, client & customer care and communication being recognised in the UK.

This special feature is about the importance of relationships, both inter-departmental or externally to suppliers and clients. Forging those relationships allows for better cooperation within a business but also creating trust between the agent and our end-user. Relying on external suppliers such as insurers and solicitors means we must create a good working relationship and nature them in order to enable our clients and customers to access the best services at the best value.

It is important that managing agents stay on top of the latest content and case law as well as good practice and as we as a team strive to provide this to our many clients, leaseholders, freeholders, directors & tenants, we are grateful to have been recognised for providing this and asked to tell the world how we do things in our part of the world.

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